10º national Conference on Drug policies


The 10th National Conference on Drug Policies, took place on the 7th of June in the Blue Room of the Senate of the Nation, where around 400 persons participated. This edition focused on its program on campaign proposals “15 ideas for a new law on drugs”.

An innovative fact during the opening was the presence of Ignacio O´Donnel, representative of SEDRONAR, in support of the paradigm change, since the last two decades this agency was in general against the decriminalization.

The proposals 1 to 7 of the “15 ideas for a new law on drugs” were addressed during the first morning session, under the title Which drugs law do we need? With this slogan, the priest CharlyOlivero of the low level class territory 21-24 of barracks, the judge Adrián Grunberg, the psychologist Ana Tisera of the Borda Hospital and the cannabis activist Ignacio Canabal, of the Rosarina Association of Culture studies; examined by representatives authors of diverse projects for the reformation of regulation 23.737 on narcotics. The legislators Victoria Donda (Libres del Sur), Manuel Garrido (Unión Cívica Radical), Fabián Peralta (Generación para un Encuentro Nacional- GEN) and Adriana Puiggrós (Frente para la Victoria) respond to the concerns.

In the panel What kind of socio-healthcare attention do we need?, which focused  on the points 8 to 15 of the 15 ideas, exposed Marta Monclús Masó, of the Office of the Government Procurator for the Prison System, Virginia Sansone, Public Defence of Minors and Unabled, Patricia Pinto, operator of the Reduction of Harm program in the Municipality of San Martín and Carina Stehlik, director of the Addictions Plan of the province of Mendoza, with the moderation of Hugo Cohen, adviser on Mental Health for South America of the Pan American Health Organization (PHO).

The international experiences were presented by João Castel-Branco Goulão, coordinator of the Portugese Center for Drugs and Alcohol, who carried forward the model of the regulated decriminalization, which functions in the country since 2001, and Ann Fordham, director of the International Consortium of Drug Policies, who refered to the debates on drug policies in the international context.


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