copia-de-dianaDiana Rossi is a Social Worker and Specialist in youngsters’ social problems from the Buenos Aires University. Currently, she is professor and researcher of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires.  She dictates undergraduate curses of Research Methodology and Epidemiology.

Specialized in drugs consumption related problems studys, she integrates diferent investigation proyects with profesionals from several disciplines among Social Studys. She has participated and directed in multiple investigations regarding sexual and blood transmition infections in drug users in colaboration with medicine and biochemestry investigators.

She´s member of the board of directors and research coordinator of Intercambios Civil Association for the study and assistance of drug related problems. She was member of the Reference Group for HIV and injectable drugs of United Nations. From 2014 she integrated the International Confederation of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Research Associations (ICARA).

She is author of many papers, books and book chapters in national and international publications.

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