The initiative “Con+Cuidado. Hablemos claro sobre Drogas” (“With+care. Lets talks about drugs”) in companies and organizations promotes healthy environments and contributes to prevent and address addictions and other problematic consumptions.

 How do we colaborate?

We attend to the organizations providing: Technical assistance, training, counseling and diffusion material and information.

Our Goals

Prevent addictions and problematic drug use.

Promote healthy habits construction based in mutual care.

Stimulate a large improvement in the standard of living of workers, their families, the community and the value chain of the organization.

Provide tools for the strengthening of a good working and institutional environment.

Why should I introduce problematic consumption topic in my company or organization?

… because work is a privileged environment for constructing healthy practices as people spend most of their lives in it.

… because contributes to decrease the incidence that problematic consumption has in work-related accidents.

… because problematic consumption of psychoactive substances has biological, psychological, social and legal consequences that affect relationships at work, in the family and the community.

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