VI Latin American Conference and I Caribean conference on drug policies.

RD 16

(Dominican Republic, 5 October 2016) More than 700 persons attended the opening of the Latin American conference on drug policies. One of the most important conferences dedicated to drugs policies in Latin American.
Officials, specialist and large sectors of the civil society listened carefully to the presentation of the highest official of UNODC. He presented an analysis based on the lessons learned and the best practices arising from the technical assistance programs which are carried out by UNODC´s 75 regional and national offices in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Aldo Lale-Demoz recognized that “the international community has made an important step in recent years in recognizing that that the use of drugs and the complications connected to it – such as being HIV positive, hepatitis C and a drugs overdose – are public health issues”, and noted that “it is a problem which requires prevention, treatment and attention based on evidence, where punishment, beyond infringing human rights, has not brought positive results; rather tends to exacerbate the situation with regard to addictions, community harmony and social cohesion”. “Advocate for the abolition of punishment approaches, promote, on the other hand, actions rooted in public health law and human rights.

 With respect to criminal justice, it is considered that “the institutions dedicated to the application of the law and criminal justice should primarily focus on combating the gravest drugs offences and dismantle the transnational criminal organizations”. “The penalization of the farmers dedicated to illicit crops is neither effective nor fair”. The farmers plant illicit crops due to poverty, exclusion or coercion by illegal armed groups”, declares the highest official. Moreover, points out the commitment to “improve the accessibility and the appropriate use of controlled medicine, already are essential for the pain relief related to health conditions”.


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