Imprisonments due to crimes related to drugs in Argentina

September 13th, 2016 | Editor Intercambios

This publication, edited by the University of Buenos Aires and the civil association Intercambios, is a study that analyzes the profile of imprisoned people due to drugs, which is the second highest cause of imprisonment in the Federal Penitentiary System.

The investigation’s author, Alejandro Corda, lawyer and member of Intercambios, claims:“It became clear that, due to the form in which the Drug Law 23.737 was applied, imprisonments relapse upon two groups in particular: women and foreigners.  If the penal system always operates in this manner on poorer people, in this application of the drugs laws is even more dramatic.  It’s essential that the law be reformed so that it makes the penalties more proportional.”

The piece is divided into five chapters: “Development of the Argentine penal legislation,” “The penitentiary system, defenders and other actors,” “Analysis of the imprisoned population,” “Insights, explanations and stories,” and “Some conclusions and proposals.” The report provides for criticism and the public construction of a drug policy that tends to diminish social suffering and insists on the principles of equality and social inclusion.

Clicking HERE you can access the PDF version of the publication (Spanish version).

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