Disproportionate systems. Disproportion and economic, human and institutional costs of the policy on drugs in Argentina.

September 13th, 2016 | Editor Intercambios

Author: Corda, A. Edited by Intercambios Asociación Civil and Faculty of Social Science University of Buenos Aires,  Buenos Aires, 2012. ISBN 978-987-98893-9-8.

This publication, co-edited by Intercambios Civil Association and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, has some continuity with the work done in Overloaded Systems (Metaal and Youngers, 2010) where there was an inquiry about imprisonment for drug offenses in different Latin American countries, and in Imprisonment for drug offenses in Argentina(Corda, 2011), which deepens the same problem in our country.
The author of the research, Alejandro Corda, lawyer and member of Intercambios, proposes to question whether the policies, particularly criminal response, developed around supply and demand for these substances, are proportionate,  in different ways.
The work is divided into five chapters: “criminal-legal Disproportionality. Increase in cases of offenses and penalties related to narcotics”, “Disproportionality of policy on drugs”, “Disproportionality in criminal response under economic costs “, “Disproportionality in institutional, social and human costs” and  ”Conclusions”
Clicking HERE you can access the PDF version of the publication (Spanish version).

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