Training of operators / promoters of Harm Reduction. Diary experience

September 13th, 2016 | Editor Intercambios

Coordinator: Goltzman, P. Edited by Intercambios Civil Association, Buenos Aires, March 2004.

This workbook is the result of work done in 2003 during the “Training of Operators/Promoters of Harm Reduction: Experience and Challenges”, coordinated by Intercambios Civil Association, in the context of the Project Prevention of Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS in the Southern Cone. The training was designed for the operators/promoters of Harm Reduction, who have a relatively new role in this field, and although they can be a parent to promoters and community workers involved in primary health care, they make up a field of experiences and practices with little antecedents. This workbook elaborates on the base of the work completed by participates and the records taken during the training.

This text can be found in the main office of Intercambios Civil Association

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