May 1

Posted by: Editor Intercambios

To promote the adoption of a new drugs law, Intercambios launched the campaign “15 ideas for a new drug policy” which urges to incorporate in the debate, elements of analysis on three key issues: decriminalization, drug trafficking and health care. In the 10th National Conference on Drug Policy, each of the 15 ideas will be an axis of the meeting. Read all the notes of this edition.


Campaign in social networks

A multitudinous demonstration for decriminalization

10th National Conference on Drug Policy

New Projects for Reforming the Drug Law

Interview with Samuel Friedman, expert on HIV

Comprehensiveness and Interdisciplinarity

51th Regular Session of the CICAD

Drug Issues in the 6th Summit of the Americas

55th Annual Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND)



Read the Newsletter Nº 35

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