V Latin American conference on drug policies I Central American Conference

CR 14

Wednesday the 3th and Thursday the 4th of September in the city San José, Costa Rica.
The production and the use of drugs represents plural phenomena’s, with multiple manifestations according to the historic moment, the culture, the economic model, the particular situation in a country, the diverse meanings which assign the subjects and the proper differences between the substances. Nevertheless, men insist on the standardization of “the drugs problem”, as if it is a unique phenomenon, timeless and a-historical.

During the ultimate 10 years, this theme has been installed as a “social question”, whilst different actors – including the state – have contributed to its construction as a social problem.

The policies controlling the drugs express tension, contradictions and conflicts about the consistent production and consumption. In this context, local and international debates on this subject matter are developed.

In the context of Latin America, the enormous social inequality, disparity in income and poverty, are debates which cannot avoid the consequences which the control policies have created in the region: social isolation, disproportionate imprisonment of the users of drugs and the drugs couriers, social violence, environmental damage and violation of basic human rights.

In this edition, the 5th Latin American Conference and the First Centro American Conference on drug policies intends to be a platform for discussion and extension of spread out proposals.

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